quvi • Access media streams, flash-free

HOWTO – Compile and install

This is an overview of the steps to compile and install the quvi project 0.9+ on GNU/Linux from the source code.


  • These instructions are written for Debian but should “port” and apply to similar systems

  • The steps will use VPATH to confine all derived files to a single directory to keep the source directories uncluttered

  • The instructions will use the ~/build/ directory and install the binaries to ~/build/inst/

  • Refer to the README files distributed with the source code for the additional installation notes


  1. Install the prerequisites
  2. Create a directory for building the software
  3. Get the official releases
  4. Extract, compile and install libquvi-scripts
  5. Extract, compile and install libquvi
  6. Extract, compile and install quvi
  7. Run the build