quvi • Access media streams, flash-free

Install the prerequisites

$ sudo aptitude install build-essential libgcrypt11-dev libproxy-dev \
                        libcurl4-gnutls-dev liblua5.1-0-dev          \
                        libjson-glib-dev libxml2-dev

Debian Wheezy

The lua-socket package does not contain the required files for Lua 5.2 thus 5.1 (liblua5.1-0-dev) is installed, instead.

$ sudo aptitude install lua-bitop lua-expat lua-json lua-socket

Debian Squeeze

quvi(1) requires a more recent version of the libjson-glib-dev package that is not available for Squeeze. The program compiles without it but you cannot use the ”–print-format=json”.

$ sudo aptitude install liblua5.1-bitop0 liblua5.1-expat0 \
                        liblua5.1-json liblua5.1-socket2

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