quvi • Access media streams, flash-free

Get the official releases

Change to the ‘tar’ directory.

$ cd ~/build/tar

Download the latest official releases:

$ curl -JLO# "http://quvi.sf.net/latest?q=s,0.9"
$ curl -JLO# "http://quvi.sf.net/latest?q=l,0.9"
$ curl -JLO# "http://quvi.sf.net/latest?q=q,0.9"

Verify the downloads (optional, recommended):

$ curl -JLO# "http://quvi.sf.net/latest?q=s,0.9&sig"
$ curl -JLO# "http://quvi.sf.net/latest?q=l,0.9&sig"
$ curl -JLO# "http://quvi.sf.net/latest?q=q,0.9&sig"
$ gpg --recv-keys 0xAD00BE50 && gpg --no-verbose --verify-files *.sig

Verify the additional checksums (for the paranoid):

$ curl -L#o SHA512SUMS.scripts "http://quvi.sf.net/latest?q=s,0.9&csum"
$ curl -L#o SHA512SUMS.quvi "http://quvi.sf.net/latest?q=q,0.9&csum"
$ curl -L#o SHA512SUMS.lib "http://quvi.sf.net/latest?q=l,0.9&csum"
$ gpg --no-verbose --verify-files SHA512SUMS.* && sha512sum --status -c SHA512SUMS.*

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