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The suite supports the ‘t’ parameter of the YouTube videos.

$ quvi get "http://youtube.com/watch?v=ID#t=12m34s"  ;# Begin streaming at 00:12:34


YouTube subtitles are provided as:

  • text-to-speech or transcript (TTS)
  • closed-captions (CC)

Note, however, that not all of the media have them available.

$ quvi dump -B MEDIA_URL         ;# Print the available media subtitles
$ quvi get -B MEDIA_URL          ;# Same but with more human-readable output
$ quvi dump -l LANG_ID MEDIA_URL ;# Select the specified subtitle language
$ quvi get -l LANG_ID MEDIA_URL  ;# Same but export to a file

The quvi suite exports, by default, the extracted subtitles to widely supported the SubRip SubRip (.srt) format.

$ quvi info -E  ;# Print the available export formats for the media subtitles

The option ’–subtitle-language’ (-l) accepts a comma-separated list of regex patterns to match against the found subtitle language IDs, and supports the stream keyword.

$ quvi get -l cc_en,tts_en,croak MEDIA_URL  ;# Either English CC or TTS, or exit
$ quvi get -l \\w+_en,croak MEDIA_URL       ;# Same

The saved subtitle file will be named after the media file. e.g. “media.flv” and “media.srt”. Many media players will automatically pick the file when the playback begins.

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