quvi • Access media streams, flash-free

Select media streams

Each media source has at least one stream available. The quvi project refers to this stream as the “default” media stream.

$ quvi dump MEDIA_URL ;# Dump the properties for the default media stream
$ quvi get MEDIA_URL  ;# Copy the default media stream

Some media sources have additional streams available.

$ quvi dump -S            ;# Print the properties of the found media streams
$ quvi get -S             ;# Print the found media stream IDs
$ quvi dump -s STREAM_ID  ;# Print the properties of the matching media stream
$ quvi get -s STREAM_ID   ;# Copy the matched stream to a file

You can also specify a comma-separated list of regex patterns to match against the found media stream IDs.

$ quvi get -s i44_480p,\\w+_480p MEDIA_URL

The option value may also any of the following reserved keywords:

  • best – Choose the best available quality whenever possible, otherwise go with the default

  • croak – Exit with an error when the keyword is reached

$ quvi get -s foo,baz,best MEDIA_URL  ;# Get best quality if nothing else matched
$ quvi get -s foo,baz,croak MEDIA_URL ;# Exit with an error if nothing matched
$ quvi get -s foo,baz MEDIA_URL       ;# Get default stream if nothing matched

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