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void quvi_close(quvi_t *session)
Closes a previously started session.
void quvi_free(void *pointer)
Frees allocated memory.
QUVIcode quvi_getinfo(quvi_t session,
QUVIinfo info,
Returns session info.
QUVIcode quvi_getprop(quvi_media_t media,
QUVIproperty property,
Returns a media property.
QUVIcode quvi_ident_getprop(quvi_ident_t ident,
QUVIidentProperty property,
Returns an ident property.
QUVIcode quvi_init(quvi_t *session)
Creates a new session.
QUVIcode quvi_llst_append(quvi_llst_node_t *l,
void *data)
Appends (or creates a new list) a element to a linked-list.
void *quvi_llst_data(quvi_llst_node_t l)
Returns a pointer to the node data.
void quvi_llst_free(quvi_llst_node_t *l)
Releases memory allocated by the linked list.
quvi_llst_node_t quvi_llst_next(quvi_llst_node_t l)
Returns the next node in the linked list.
size_t quvi_llst_size(quvi_llst_node_t l)
Returns the number of nodes in the linked list.
char *quvi_net_get_one_prop_feat(quvi_net_t net,
QUVInetPropertyFeatureName name)
Returns the first matching property feature from the list.
QUVIcode quvi_net_getprop(quvi_net_propfeat_t net,
QUVInetProperty property,
Returns a network property.
QUVIcode quvi_net_getprop_feat(quvi_net_propfeat_t handle,
QUVInetPropertyFeature feature,
Returns a network property feature.
QUVIcode quvi_net_seterr(quvi_net_t net,
const char *fmt,
Sets a network error message.
QUVIcode quvi_net_setprop(quvi_net_t net,
QUVInetProperty property,
Sets a network property.
QUVIcode quvi_next_host(char **domain,
char **formats)
Deprecated since 0.2.0.
QUVIcode quvi_next_media_url(quvi_media_t media)
Iterates the media stream URLs.
QUVIcode quvi_next_supported_website(quvi_t session,
char **domain,
char **formats)
Returns the next supported website.
QUVIcode quvi_next_videolink(void *handle)
Deprecated since 0.2.15.
QUVIcode quvi_parse(quvi_t session,
char *url,
quvi_media_t *media)
Parses an URL.
void quvi_parse_close(quvi_media_t *media)
Releases a previously allocated media handle.
QUVIcode quvi_query_formats(quvi_t session,
char *url,
char **formats)
Queries available formats to the URL.
QUVIcode quvi_setopt(quvi_t session,
QUVIoption option,
Sets a session option.
char *quvi_strerror(quvi_t session,
QUVIcode code)
Returns a corresponding error message to the return code.
QUVIcode quvi_supported(quvi_t session,
char *url)
Checks whether library supports the URL.
QUVIcode quvi_supported_ident(quvi_t session,
char *url,
quvi_ident_t *ident)
Otherwise identical to quvi_supported but returns the `ident’ data.
void quvi_supported_ident_close(quvi_ident_t *handle)
Releases a previously allocated ident handle.
char *quvi_version(QUVIversion id)
Returns a quvi version string.