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What is the role of the quvi (command)?

quvi(1) is a command-line-tool that provides CLI access to many of the libquvi features. Historically, it was used only to dump media properties but the recent introduction of the 0.9 series redefined its role as a “multi-purpose tool”.

What else can the quvi command be used for?

Streaming with a media player

$ quvi dump -e "mplayer %u" MEDIA_URL   ;# 0.9+
$ quvi --exec="mplayer %u" MEDIA_URL    ;# 0.4

New features in the 0.9+ series

$ quvi dump PLAYLIST_URL        ;# Parse playlist contents
$ quvi get -kl cc_en MEDIA_URL  ;# Extract subtitles (closed-captions, English)
$ quvi scan URL                 ;# Scan URL for embedded media URLs
# Some pipe-fu:
$ quvi dump PLAYLIST_URL | quvi dump -e "mplayer %u" ;# Play the entire list
$ quvi scan URL | quvi get                           ;# Download everything

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