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Inlined patches

People on the quvi-devel list must be able to read and comment on the changes you are submitting. Inlined (or “pasted”) patches within the messages are preferred for this reason.

Be wary of the word-wrap feature of the MUA which can result in corrupted patches. Do not cut-n-paste your patch; you can lose some of the content that way if you are not careful. Any reasonably good MUA should allow submitting the attachments “inline”. You may also try using git-send-email.

Once more, do not forget to read Contributing.

Accepted content-types

GNU Mailman will remove message attachments that do not have a matching content-type:

  • application/pgp-signature
  • multipart/signed
  • text/x-patch
  • text/x-diff
  • text/x-lua

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