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How you can help

This page underlines the parts of the quvi project that – either require or could use – further development. If you have written a patch, read on Contributing.


Media scripts

Many media scripts remain to be ported from the 0.4 series. This is often easier than backporting the changes from the 0.9 series to the 0.4 series. If you are interested in helping with this, start by reviewing the libquvi-scripts changes in the 0.9 series, and check the existing scripts for examples. You can also post your questions to the quvi-devel mailinglist if you cannot find the answers here or the existing scripts.

Starting with the 0.9 series, the media scripts may use the following 3rd party Lua modules:

Example case

Showing the steps that were taken to port myspass.lua from the 0.4 series:

  • History of the ported myspass.lua script

  • Add a test for media/myspass.lua

The above should give an idea what is required of the port.

Playlist scripts

Only few exist. If other websites support playlists, additional scripts could be introduced.

Subtitle scripts

The existing selection is currently very YouTube specific. If other websites support subtitles, additional scripts could be introduced.

Subtitle exporter scripts

The export scripts currently support only the SubRip (.srt) format. Additional exporters could be introduced.

Scan scripts

Many websites allow embedding the media. The current script selection covers only embedded YouTube videos. Additional scripts could be introduced.

libquvi and quvi

Report any bugs. Please test and report how the software builds and performs on different system configurations.


quvi-get(1) currently supports extraction from HTTP resources only. Additional support, e.g. for RTMP, could be introduced. See ‘src/get/http.c’ for the HTTP implementation.

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