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Complete rewrite and redesign

All three libquvi-scripts, libquvi and quvi have undergone a complete overhaul – everything has been rewritten and redesigned from ground up.


The C API reference documentation has been rewritten and extended. Doxygen syntax was chosen once again, replacing the previously used NaturalDocs syntax. The 0.9 series adds a number of new manual pages. All of the manpages are now generated from asciidoc documents.


Both, libquvi and quvi, now integrate with gettext. This does not, however, include the Lua scripts of libquvi-scripts.


libquvi and libquvi-scripts have now proper (gtester-based) testsuites.


The 0.9 series is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPLv3+).


Both, libquvi and quvi, now use GLib.

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