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Querying of HTTP meta-info for an URL

For historical reasons (see Verification of an URL), the library provides a set of functions that may be used to query the HTTP meta-info headers (e.g. content-type, content-length) for an URL from the server. The file extension is determined from the returned content-type, and at best, only a guess.

char *ct, *fe;
double cl;
qmi = quvi_http_metainfo_new(q, URL);
quvi_http_metainfo_get(qmi, QUVI_HTTP_METAINFO_PROPERTY_FILE_EXTENSION, &fe);
quvi_http_metainfo_get(qmi, QUVI_HTTP_METAINFO_PROPERTY_CONTENT_TYPE, &ct);
quvi_http_metainfo_get(qmi, QUVI_HTTP_METAINFO_PROPERTY_LENGTH_BYTES, &cl);